All of our waxes are formulated specifically for candle making and have been extensively tested to be easy to use and provide professional results. We offer big discounts on larger quantities.

We also manufacture a wide range of candle making kits if you want everything in one box.

Paraffin Waxes

Don't be put off by the name, paraffin waxes have no connection with what we, in the UK, call "paraffin"! These waxes are superb for candle making and produce clean burning, beautiful candles. Choose our Container Candle Wax if you're making a candle in a container because it adheres nicely to your tin, glass and china containers. Choose our votive/pillar candle mix if you want to use a mould of any sort as this wax contains a "hardening" agent that makes it shrink away from the edges of the mould, enabling you to release the candle. The votive mix is also translucent so it takes dye very nicely - ideal for brightly coloured candles.

Eco-Soya Wax

Eco-soya wax is made, unsurprisingly, from soy beans. The EcoSoya Pillar Blend a good alternative for votive and pillar candles and produces similar results. Eco-soya PB is white in colour so, when mixed with a dye, tends to produce a pastel colour.

For containers, we offer an Advanced EcoSoya blend which is gorgeously creamy and adheres well to the inner edges rather than pulling away as some inferior waxes do. The EcoSoya container wax is not suitable for use with any dye - we've tested it extensively and it simply doesn't produce good results so we recommend sticking to its natural white colour. 


Whilst beeswax can be used to make votive or pillar candles, it's main use is as a hardening agent to make votive and pillar candles longer burning and easier to release from the mould - it also sweetens their smell.