Wax for Candle Making

We stock two main types of wax: paraffin and soy.


Our paraffin waxes are made in the UK. Despite the name, paraffin waxes contain no paraffin (otherwise they'd smell horrible). They're made from a by-product of the oil refining industry - a by-product that would otherwise be thrown away - and paraffin wax is used in the vast majority of all the candles made across the globe.

Paraffin waxes have an excellent scent throw and take dye very well - they're the ideal choice for most candle making purposes, especially for beginners.

Use LX wicks with Paraffin wax.

Pillar Blend

Our paraffin pillar blend is a mix of wax and a hardening agent called stearin - this makes for a longer burn time and easy release from the mould. This wax can be used both for pillar candles and votives and comes in pellets.

Container Blend

Our container candle blend is a mix of paraffin and vegetable waxes. It is supplied in easy-to-use beads (unlike some other container waxes which come in big slabs) and makes for a wonderfully creamy, clean burning, container candle. 


A new generation of Soy waxes has just become available (Autumn 2017) and you will find some among our range.


Rapeseed (also known as Canola) wax is an excellent alternative to soy wax for making container candles, with the added environmental credential of being sourced locally.