Votive Candle Making Kits


Our Votive Candle Making kits contain everything you need (except basic kitchen equipment) to make 10 room scenter candles with a 15 hour burn time each.

The candles are ideal for scenting your home and our kits, with the exception of our Beginner range,  include your dye of choice plus candle fragrance and our secret ingredient: beeswax. The beeswax hardens the candle further and extends burn time - it also adds a delicate sweet smell to the aroma.

We've developed these kits by using them to create candles ourselves. Because of this, we know that all of our kits work reliably in the real world, producing excellent, consistent, results whilst being easy for beginners to use.

Our kits are not mass-manufactured, plastic toy kits: this is real candle-making equipment and ingredients aimed at people who want to learn how to do it properly. They also make the ideal gift to introduce a loved one to the creative world of candle making.