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We know that we're fortunate to be able to run a business doing what we love to do in a free country. We also know that others are not as fortunate as us. 

We therefore lend money to microentrepreneurs around the world through the Kiva organisation. Small amounts that can help change the lives of people in the third world and reduce their dependence on aid. At present, we mainly support women starting or expanding their small businesses including Miriam in El Savlador; Ligia, Ruth and Elena in Nicaragua and Josephine in Ghana. 

This is not a donation or gift, this money is lent. When the loan is repaid, the money is relent to another microentrepreneur. This is about helping others to help themselves.

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We'd like to thank you for supporting our business and making it possible for us to support people around the world that really need our help.

Peta & Kev