Make up to 20 Wood Wick Container Candles: Bring your own containers

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This kit enables you, with a couple of old saucepans, to create up to 20 tea-cup sized container candles**. If you'd prefer to use Soy wax, we have a kit for that. You provide the containers for this kit (eg tea cups) and candles will burn for 20-30 hours at around £1.50 each! This kit is ideal for:

  • Wedding table decorations
  • Wedding favours
  • School candlemaking
  • Making candles to sell for profit or charity
  • ...and many other bulk production purposes

Because container candles don't require the use of moulds (just basic kitchen equipment, containers and the contents of this kit) they are ideal for creating lots of candles quickly, simply and with consistent results.

The kit contains:

  • 3KG Container Wax
  • 10 Chimney Wood Wicks - to cut to size
  • 20 wick tabs 
  • 30g dye - have one, two or three colours
  • Instructions

Once fully set, these candles will burn with a lovely, comforting, crackle similar to a log fire. They'll burn for around 30 hours.

Candle Scent

You can add candle scent to your order, at a discount, by selecting from the options above.

You can select up to three scents, supplied in quantities of 50ml each - enough to scent around 1.2KG wax (depending on how strong you like your scent to be). So, if you want to scent all your candles then pick two or three.


Important: this kit does not include containers - it's intended for those occasions where you already have containers

** Obviously the number of candles you can make depends on how big the containers are! A note of caution - wood wicks are not suitable for use in narrow necked glass containers and should not be used in containers with a diameter less than 70mm.


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