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Candle Making Kits

What's different about our kits?

We've developed our kits by using them to create candles ourselves. Because of this, we know that all of our kits work reliably in the real world, producing excellent, consistent, results whilst being easy for beginners to use. We have been supplying the nation with candle making kits since 2009.

Our kits are not mass-manufactured, plastic toy kits, we assemble each box with care in our Hampshire workshop. We use real candle-making equipment and high quality ingredients aimed at people who want to learn how to make candles properly. Our kits also make the ideal gift to introduce a loved one to the creative world of candle making. Our kits include everything you need (except some basic kitchen equipment) to make the candles you have chosen.

You can choose from a wide range of dyes and/or scents in most of our kits. When scent is not included in the kit, but is an optional extra, the price of your kit will rise to cover the scent cost.

Each of our kits comes with easy to follow, illustrated instructions and we've created videos showing how we make most of them (available on the product page). We have a huge YouTube community where 1000s of people have learned how to make candles!

Not sure what to choose? Our Candle Making Maxi Kit is a great introduction to making five types of candle and our Beginners Votive Candle Making Kit is perfect for newcomers who want to make votive candles. Both make great, low cost, gifts.