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Candle Making Kits

Candle making kits are the ideal way to make candles of all sorts. Each kit contains everything you need, except basic kitchen equipment, to make professional-quality, long burning candles - many include gorgeous organic scents that will fill your house with a warm, natural aroma.

Every kit comes with clear, easy to follow, instructions and we've created videos showing how we make most of them (available on the product page).

All of our Candle Making Kits contain the highest quality ingredients and equipment for people who  want to learn how to make real candles - they are not toys like those sold by many retailers. This is the real thing.

These kits are equally suitable for newcomers as for experienced candle makers whether you're making candles for your own enjoyment, profit or as a gift.

Not sure what to choose? Our Candle Making Maxi Kit is a great introduction to making five types of candle and our Beginners Candle Making kit is perfect for newcomers who want to make votive candles. Both make great, low cost, gifts.