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wedo.jpgWe supply two types of wick from industry-leading manufacturer Wedo. We've tested this extensively over the past several years and these wicks give consistently the best performance we've experienced.



LX Wick

We recommend LX wick for use with paraffin wax (both pillar and container)

The LX series is designed for containers and free standing candles made primarily of paraffin wax but also performs well in blends containing soy wax. In addition, the series gives high performance with normal fragrance loads and color concentrations. The LX series is made purely of the highest grade ring-spun cotton. This improves overall consistency, helping candle manufacturing operations to run more smoothly and to provide better burning results.

ECO Wick

We recommend ECO wick for use with soy wax.

The ECO series is best used with vegetable waxes (including soy) with or without solid color and fragrance. It is suitable for both container and pillar applications. The coreless wick construction combines threads made of the highest grade ring-spun cotton with paper filaments for extra stability.

Which size?

Use the table below to work out the right size and type - bear in mind these are guidelines only.

Diameter (mm)Paraffin WaxSoya Wax
Tea light Tea light wick do not use
25-50mm LX10 LX12 or ECO1
50-65mm LX12 LX14 or ECO4
65-75mm LX16 LX18 or ECO6
75-90mm LX20 LX22 or ECO10
90-100mm LX26 LX26 or ECO14

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