1kg Rapeseed/Canola Container Candle Wax

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This is a natural vegetable container blend, giving a smooth finish and adhering well to glass. Rapeseed is sometimes called Canola wax and is made in the UK/EU, so it's not only natural, but it's also locally sourced - a good all-round environmental choice. This wax contains small amounts of Palm Wax, Beeswax and Castor Oil.

The wax retains fragrance as well as soy so is perfect for scented container candles and has a melting point of around 55 degrees. Comes in easy to measure pellet form which has a natural cream colour. This wax doesn't take dye very well so is best used in its creamy white original colour.

This wax works best if you allow it to cool down a little after fully melting before pouring. It usually only requires one pour but occasionally (for wide candles, for example) you'll need to top it up - create a test candle first to see whether this will be necessary. For best results, allow the candle to set slowly at a warm room temperature.


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