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Wax for Candle Making

We stock two main types of wax: paraffin and soy.


Our paraffin waxes are made in the UK to our specification. Despite the name, paraffin waxes contain no paraffin (otherwise they'd smell horrible). They're made from a by-product of the oil refining industry - a by-product that would otherwise be thrown away - and paraffin wax is used in the vast majority of all the candles made across the globe.

Paraffin waxes have an excellent scent throw and take dye very well - they're the ideal choice for most candle making purposes, especially for beginners.

Use LX wicks with Paraffin wax.

Pillar Blend

Our paraffin pillar blend is a mix of wax and a hardening agent called stearin - this makes for a longer burn time and easy release from the mould. This wax can be used both for pillar candles and votives. 

Container Blend

Our container candle blend is a mix of paraffin and soy waxes. It is supplied in easy-to-use beads (unlike some other container waxes which come in big slabs) and makes for a wonderfully creamy, clean burning, container candle. Our favourite wax.


Soy waxes are, as the name suggests, made from soy beans. We buy from the leading manufacturer in the US, ensuring that the soy is grown ethically and in an environmentally friendly way. 

Soy waxes have a white colour of their own so they react differently to paraffin when used with dyes. Our soy pillar blend produces a lovely pastel colour, but we recommend only using the container blend without dye - it makes for a gorgeous creamy candle all on its own.

Use ECO wicks with soy blends.

Pillar Blend

Our soy pillar blend is supplied in flake form and can be used in exactly the same way as the paraffin pillar. It is, in fact, our favourite pillar blend as it makes for lovely, easy to release, candles with a pastel colouration.

Container Blend

Our soy container blend is supplied in flake form and makes for a gorgeous, long burning, container candle.


How to choose

If you're not sure which wax type to choose, ask yourself these questions:

1) Do you want the strongest possible scent throw? If yes - choose paraffin.

2) Do you want deep colours? If yes - choose paraffin

3) Do you want to make white pillar candles? If yes - choose soy PB

4) Do you want to make candles to sell? If yes - many of your customers will think that Soy candles are more environmentally friendly and, therefore, more suited to hand made products.