Thank You Teacher Decorated Tin - 4 Pack

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Make Teacher Thank-You Candles - with colour-it-yourself labels

A kit truly for the whole family. Adults get the pleasure of making these easy-pour tin candles in their choice of flavour, then the children can colour-in the labels using felt-tip pens and wrap them around the tin. These candles make lovely and unique gifts for teachers at a very low price.

The whole process takes very little time and is fuss-free and easy.

This kit contains all the ingredients needed for making four tin candles:

  • 4 tins with lids
  • container wax
  • wick
  • scent and dye of your choice
  • pipette
  • wick holder
  • stirrers and sticks
  • sealing putty
  • fully illustrated instructions 
  • candle safety leaflet

Select your flavour (scent and dye) from the list of options above.


Also available as a ten pack at an even lower cost per candle.