Starter Pillar Candle Kit

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Make a Pillar Candle with this easy to use kit - a great introduction to making pillar candles

Important: to add decorative transfers, please see our waterslide transfer category.

This is probably the easiest of all our moulded candles to make and one of the most satisfying. Perfect for you to create your own candles, perfect as a gift.

With this kit, you can make a pillar candle, which stands 10cm (4 inches) high and 6cm (2.5 inches) across the base. The perfect candle for a centrepiece for your dinner table or mantelpiece or as a gorgeous way to spread one of the lovely optional scents around the house. And these candles burn for up to 40 HOURS

You can choose either standard paraffin wax or ecosoya wax depending on the effect you want. Paraffin wax produces a lovely, translucent, candle with a strong colour. Ecosoya candles, on the other hand, tend to produce pastel colours when used with dye - they can also be made without dye entirely, for a nice ivory effect.

The kit contains:


This kit is dispatched in a plain brown box



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