Sample Orange Flower Water slide Transfers

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Yellow Orange and Red Flower Candle Transfers - SAMPLER PACK

Decorate your candles with our exclusive waterslide transfers - created by us and available nowhere else!

Waterslide transfers are very easy to use - just drop them in water for 30 seconds and the transfer slides off the backing ready for you to apply. They then remain moveable for 10-15 minutes so you can get the positioning spot on. Gently wipe excess water off with a bit of kitchen towel to start the drying process and iron out any bubbles and leave to dry!

All our water slide transfers are provided on transparent backgrounds so there are no ugly white edges. Because of this, they are best used on light-coloured candles - your candle will show through any gaps in the design.

This sampler set includes 8 lovely yellow, orange and red flowers - 1 of each flower. Reproduced at high resolution, they make simply gorgeous candles and each flower is approximately 4cm across.

IMPORTANT: The candle in the photo is NOT included! It has been created using our Pillar Candle Kit why not give it a try?

You will find a wider range of A4 sheet transfers in our Waterslide Transfer Category 

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