Happy Birthday Candle in a Tin Kit (purple)

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Happy Birthday Candle in a Tin Kit (purple)

Do you know someone who'd appreciate a unique, long burning, scented candle for their birthday? Very easy to make, this tin kit contains everything you need (except basic kitchen equipment) to create this gorgeous candle - there's even room to put your maker's name on the back!

And we've even made creating your candle a relaxing job - this candle uses a paraffin blended container wax that gives a gorgeous, creamy white result with no dye needed. Simply fix your wick in the bottom of the tin, melt your wax, pop in your scent and pour - that's it! It really couldn't be easier. Once the wax has cooled completely, you can then add your labels to get the perfect end result.

The tin is 8cm across and 5cm high and the candle has a burn time of around 25-30 hours.

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