Flexible Stencil for Candle Making: Poppy/Flower

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Flexible Stencil for Candle Making

Decorate a candle with this gorgeous poppy stencil (or other flower if you choose different colours). Can also be applied to a wall, container or any other non-porous surface with this intricate, reusable, flexible stencil.

To apply, simply peel a stencil and apply to the side of the candle. Use a small sponge to gently dab paint onto the stencil, ensuring even and complete coverage. Remove the stencil immediately and leave the candle to dry.

For the poppy, first paint the petals using a red colour. Wait for it to dry, then paint black in the centre and use green for the leaves.

The design is approximately 4cm wide.


NOTE: We're still testing our stencils and we consider them beta products. This means that, in exchange for a lower price, you understand that, whilst they will perform well, we cannot guarantee how long they'll last. We are collating feedback and will improve the product as necessary.

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