"Cup of Tea" Wood Wick Candle making Micro Kit

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This kit contains everything you need (except an old tea cup and a couple of old saucepans) to make a tea coloured container candle using a chimney wood wick. This is the ideal way to have a go at candle making at very low expense.

Candle making offers you the enjoyment both of making the candles and then savouring their soothing light for up to 30 hours per candle. Or, of course, you might want to make them as gifts, for charity fund raising or, even, as the first step into your own candle making business.

Once fully set, these candles will burn with a lovely, comforting, crackle similar to a log fire. They'll burn for around 30 hours.

This kit contains:

You can also see Kev make these candles by looking at the product video (scroll down this page).

Fancy treating yourself to an upgrade?

Just select the option at the top (above the "add to cart" button) and we'll send you double the wax, more wick, more tabs and more dye - enough to make two cup of tea candles. You can also choose to add a discounted candle making scent - 15ml is enough to make two-three candles! (Note - this is supplied in a 30ml bottle so it'll be half full).

If you want to make multiple 'cup of tea' candles, please have a look at our larger container candle kits. We have a kit which will allow you to make 2-3 container candles, or our bulk kits make around 20 or 40 tea cup candles - depending on tea cup size. These kits offer better value for making candles in quantity.

All you need to supply is a small, heat-proof container such as an old tea cup or small jar, plus a couple of old saucepans for melting the wax in.

Note: tea-cup not included! To keep costs down, this product comes in a plastic bag which is then put in a jiffy bag for posting. This kit will be despatched using second class post if ordered on its own.


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