Christmas Pudding Globe Candle Making Kit - single

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Make a Christmas Pudding style candle with this kit!

This candle making kit is the easy way to create a gorgeous round candle that burns for hours and hours from a mould that can be used time and time again. The finished candle is the size of a large orange, with a circumference of around 24cm and a height of around 8 cm. It will look fabulous either as an ornament or when lit and will burn for up to 30 hours. The candle can be decorated to look like a Christmas Pudding and this kit comes with all the materials you will need! Perfect for decorating your festive table this winter and your candle will smell gorgeous too!

Scroll down this page to watch Kev make globe candles using this kit.

Once you've made your first batch of four, you can make more by buying a refill.

This kit contains:

  • re-usable spherical mould
  • 200g Wax
  • wick 
  • sealing tape
  • wick pin
  • stirrer
  • blutack
  • Plum Purple Dye
  • 15ml Christmas Pudding scent
  • white container wax for the 'icing'
  • holly sprig
  • fully illustrated instructions


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