5 KG Pillar Blend Wax Bundle with Moulds

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Bundle your wax, scent and dye - includes free wick!

For the simplest possible shopping experience (and a discount), buy your wax, scent and dye all together in one go. Includes FREE Wick.

This bundle contains 5 KG of our Premium Pillar Blend wax and 4 metal moulds and 9 robust plastic moulds with can all be used time and time again.

Our Premium Pillar Blend candle making wax contains all the additives needed for making perfect pillar and votive/room scenter candles - indeed for any candle made from a mould. We buy our wax direct from the manufacturer in the UK keeping the transport miles down. This wax comes in white pellets and makes a slightly translucent white candle if used without dye. Poured hot, the set candle will have a beautiful glossy finish. Poured cooler, this wax will produce an interesting frosted finish to the candle.

Use this wax in metal and plastic moulds - the additives cause it to be "harder" than container candle wax so that it shrinks a little from the mould making the candle simple to release once it has cooled. This wax has a melting point of around 60 degrees. The wax burns beautifully, producing a long-lasting smoke-free flame. If you want a candle with a strong colour, this wax is ideal as it has almost no colour of its own. 

Moulds in this pack - 


2 x metal votive mould

2 x metal flower mould

dinner candle mould

pillar mould 

square pillar mould

pentagon pillar mould

cone shaped mould

pyramid shaped mould

egg shaped mould

globe mould

tray with 4 moulds


Pick your options and save a bundle! The dye and scent are cheaper to buy as part of this bundle and the wick is free!


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