Colour In Candles - Mandala for Relaxation and Mindfulness

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Colour In Candle in a Tin Kit - the perfect gift!

Experience 3X the relaxation with our exclusive colour in candles.

First, you get to enjoy pouring a candle using our lovely paraffin blended wax and scent to give a pleasant cream colour - one pour and you’re done.

Second, immerse yourself in the mindful relaxation of colouring with a specially designed mandala pattern that wraps right around the candle. Important - colour the label before you stick it to the candle! Take as long as you like and indulge your creativity to come up with your own unique candle which can take pride of place on your mantelpiece.

Third, light your candle and relax! Your candle will burn with a perfect, clean, flame and your room will fill with your chosen fragrance.

The tin is 8cm across and 5cm high, and the candle has a burn time of around 25-30 hours.

Or, you could give the kit to a loved one and help them to wind down.

Each kit contains:

  • paraffin blended container wax for a creamy look and a perfect burn
  • Your choice of scent
  • Tin(s) with lid(s) - tin dimensions 8cm x 5cm
  • metal tabs and wick
  • Blutack for fixing tab to base
  • Wick holder and stirrer
  • Front label
  • Lid label
  • Full Printed instructions (click to see how easy they are to make) 


You’ll also need some basic kitchen equipment.

Watch Kev make a large tin candle like this in the Product Videos section below.

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