Candle Dye sample pack - 5g of each colour

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top10.pngQuality dye to colour your candles, a 5g block of solid candle dye is usually enough to colour 500g of wax  - the usual allowance is 1g dye per 100g wax. More dye gives a deeper colour.

This bundle gives you 5g of each colour so you can try them all out and experiment with mixing colours at a discounted rate.

Most dye names are self explanatory, however a few need a little description! Autumn Red is a rusty red. Windsor Red is a pinky red, strawberries come to mind! Midnight Blue is an extremely versatile dye, depending on how much you use will result in a pale blue candle or a deeper blue. Mixed with Meadow Green the blue is interesting, a sea blue/green depending on which dye you allow to dominate! Meadow green is a lovely apple green. Fuchsia is a bright purple/pink. 

You can see a dye colour table below.

All dyes can be blended when you are experimenting with colours, and they will all result in a deeper colour if a higher ratio of dye to wax is used. For example, for a really deep, rich red I blend 25% plum purple and 75% windsor red.

Dye Colour Table

Here's a table to help you distinguish between the different dyes. Important: These are rough representations and will look different depending on the screen you're viewing them on and the concentration of dye you choose when making your candles. The table is designed to help you see the character of each dye and how it compares to the others.